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        Located in historic downtown, Shreveport's newest fitness and yoga studio boasts a modern atmosphere and soothing natural light.  Humm welcomes all ages and fitness levels to enjoy the broad reaching benefits of yoga and exercise.  It's never been easier or a better time to join humm!

        During every class humm's unique approach focuses on alleviating low back pain and increasing strength, flexibility and balance.  Deep breathing exercises are incorporated to improve respiratory health and exponentially boost the immune system.  Scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, decrease the risk of heart disease and vastly improve the quality of your sleep - humm is here to encourage and support your healthy lifestyle.  

        Humm hosts Shreveport’s largest variety of classes, all taught by well trained, talented and passionate instructors.  Our class schedule covers the full spectrum.  We offer Gentle, Yin and Yoga Basics. Or maybe you are in the mood for an invigorating Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Power Yoga practice.  Upbeat fitness classes like Humm LAB utilize light weights to strengthen and tone. We always put the emphasis on form, alignment and core-strength.    

        Private wellness consultations ensure individualized programs that are both fun and highly effective. By tailoring to each individual’s specific needs and providing modifications, we will help you attain your unique fitness goals. 

        We want you to wake up and feel great!  Dial in to your joy and experience the freedom of moving at your frequency. 


Chessi May, owner



Inspired by the endless diversity of life around us, humm infuses that same creative energy and spirit into every yoga and fitness class; embracing, supporting and encouraging you to move at your frequency.


When we as humans move our bodily selves—whether consciously exercising or not— we stimulate whatever resources that exist within us to better respond to all life’s challenges.  Humm aims to hold space for each individual to uncover the unique frequency at which they resonate with life's possibilities. 

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624 Texas St. Suite 209