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Chessi May, owner



         Born an athlete, I loved to play everything - tennis, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse... surfing, white water kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking, horseback riding... you name it.  Growing up in California had its advantages.  I was surrounded by extremely active role models who loved being outside and we spent every weekend hiking in the beautiful mountains or swimming in the ocean.  It wasn't until I was 16 years old and a junior in high school that I attended my first yoga class.  I remember being so full of energy that it was difficult to sit still.  At that time, I had just done a few basic stretches before a tennis match or before taking off for a run.  


         It wasn't until my early 20's, after being thrown from a horse and sustaining a serious shoulder injury that I really began a regular yoga practice.  As I began to regain mobility, flexibility and strength in my shoulder, I was unaware of the profound impact yoga was having on me.  I had been working as an electrical engineer for years, sitting at the computer and going to the gym just a few times a week to maintain muscle tone and basic cardio health.  But yoga was clearly different. I began to notice subtle shifts in my energy level, my posture, my behavior, my relationships, and my attitude towards life.  I felt connected to myself again.  


         It became clear to me that yoga was my path.  So in my late twenties, I decided to make some serious life changes and I left for Costa Rica to attend a 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Nosara Yoga Institute. 


         Since 2011, I've been teaching non-stop, all over Shreveport from small boutique studios like Sweat Society to big organizations like the YMCA.  Just to name a few, I've taught Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Barre, Pi-Yo, High Intensity Interval Training, Cardio Aerobics and led groups like the Freshman Class at LSU Medical Center through guided meditation.  


         It was always the plan to open my own studio, where people of all ages and backgrounds feel welcomed and free to find their own unique style of movement, thereby rekindling the pure sense of pleasure in exercise.  I understand that overall health is more than just meeting a fitness goal, it's about finding balance, joy and peace in our lives. When we move our bodies in a way that feels good, whether consciously exercising or not— we stimulate whatever resources that exist within us to better respond to all life’s challenges.


         In the spring of 2021, everything fell into place.  I found a light, airy, modern space in downtown Shreveport which is thriving thanks to energetic and passionate new, local business owners.  I named it 'humm' as a wink and a nod to my engineering background and the scientific principles of frequency and resonance. And I chose the hummingbird as the logo - a symbol of life, beauty, joy and freedom spanning cultures throughout time. 


        Located in historic downtown, Shreveport's newest fitness and yoga studio boasts a modern atmosphere and soothing natural light.  Humm welcomes all ages and fitness levels to enjoy the broad reaching benefits of yoga, fitness and meditation. 

        During every class humm's unique approach focuses on lengthening the spine and alleviating low back pain while increasing strength, flexibility and balance.  Deep breathing exercises are incorporated to improve respiratory health, vitality and exponentially boost the immune system.  Scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, decrease the risk of heart disease and vastly improve the quality of your sleep - humm is here to encourage and support your healthy lifestyle.  

        Humm hosts Shreveport’s largest variety of classes, all taught by well trained, talented and passionate instructors.  Our class schedule covers the full spectrum.  We offer Private Training, Meditation, Gentle Yoga for Beginners, Yin Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga and Chair Yoga. For those that seek more of a workout, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga classes will invigorate and strengthen the entire body.  Also, upbeat fitness classes like Humm LAB and Yoga Sculpt utilize light weights to isolate and tone muscle groups while increasing balance, flexibility, alignment and core-strength.    

        Private wellness consultations and individual attention ensure you sign up for a class that is both enjoyable and highly effective. By tailoring to each individual’s needs and providing specific modifications, together we will overcome any barriers that previously may have prevented you from participating in a supportive and encouraging group atmosphere.  Humm is here to help you attain your unique fitness goals, whatever they may be. 

        We want you to wake up and feel great!  Dial in to your joy and experience the freedom of moving at your frequency. 




Inspired by the endless diversity of life around us, humm infuses that same creative energy and spirit into every yoga and fitness class; embracing, supporting and encouraging you to move at your frequency.


When we as humans move our bodily selves—whether consciously exercising or not— we stimulate whatever resources that exist within us to better respond to all life’s challenges.  Humm aims to hold space for each individual to uncover the unique frequency at which you resonate with life's possibilities. 

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624 Texas St. Suite 209

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