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Happy hips, hamstrings and low back

Gentle yoga for flexibility, to ease tension, soreness and improve mobility.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 22 US dollars

Service Description

This class is suitable for practitioners of all levels, and modifications will be offered to accommodate different abilities and needs. Unlock the potential of your hips, lengthen your hamstrings, and balance your low back in this transformative floor series. Join us to experience the positive impact of nurturing and strengthening your body's core foundation. Your journey to improved quality of life starts here. Class Title: Hip-Opening and Back-Balancing Floor Series Description: Dive into a rejuvenating floor series that focuses on deep stretches, hip alignment, hamstring lengthening, and low back balance. In this practice, we'll nurture your body and mind, easing tension and developing strength in the muscles that support the base of your spine, ultimately enhancing the quality of your entire life. Class Highlights: Deep Hip Stretches: Delve into a series of yoga poses designed to open, align, and nurture your hips. Release stored tension and improve mobility. Hamstring Lengthening: Lengthen and strengthen your hamstrings, promoting greater flexibility and comfort in everyday movements. Low Back Balance: Find balance and support for your low back, reducing discomfort and promoting a healthier spine. Muscle Strengthening: Develop strength in the muscles surrounding your spine's base, leading to improved posture and overall well-being. Enhanced Posture: Develop a stronger, more aligned posture.

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