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Hatha I/II

Suitable for beginners and those wanting to deepen their practice.

  • 1 h
  • 22 US dollars

Service Description

Move slowly and deliberately into various yoga poses that challenge your strength and flexibility, while at the same time focusing on relaxation and mindfulness. Hatha yoga places special emphasis on controlled breathing and alignment. Building the core strength key to good posture is another important aspect of Hatha Yoga. Hatha has hundreds of poses, including well-known ones such as Seated Twists and Standing Forward Fold. Poses are held for several slow and even deep breaths - giving you time to adjust and focus on alignment before moving onto the next pose. Benefits: Stress Reduction and Reduced Depression Symptoms Participation in a single 90-minute session of Hatha yoga is associated with stress reduction while practicing Hatha yoga on a regular basis can reduce perceived stress even more significantly. Just 12 sessions of regular Hatha yoga practice is known to significantly decrease levels of anxiety and depression. Muscle + Joint Flexibility Numerous studies state that Hatha yoga improves flexibility in the spine. Researchers prove and doctors recommend Hatha yoga for older adults who need help improving the range of motion in their joints. Core Strength = Balance Just 21 days of Hatha yoga training can lead to improvements in core muscle strength, stability and balance. Is Hatha Right For You? Hatha and Vinyasa yoga incorporate many of the same poses. The main difference is the pacing of the classes. Vinyasa moves at a faster pace and requires greater breathing control than Hatha yoga. Because it’s done more slowly and poses are held for longer, Hatha yoga builds more strength and allows time for a deeper stretch. Hatha yoga may be a better fit if you: -are new to yoga -have an injury -want to focus on your core strength + posture -want to maximize stress reduction -prefer a slower, more relaxed pace than Vinyasa yoga Vinyasa Yoga may be a better match if you: -are familiar with yoga poses -have a good level of fitness -want to incorporate cardio + endurance training into yoga -enjoy moving with fluidity between poses

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