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Mindful Movement Meditation

Practice mindfulness + gently move the body through healing yoga poses

  • 22 US dollars

Service Description

This mindful movement practice helps us to expand our awareness—not only to what’s happening around us but also what’s happening within us. As we become more versed in the language of our body, we synchronize the body and breath. It’s in this way that we can begin to notice postural habits, thoughts, emotional patterns and sensations. Tuning in like this makes us more capable of making shifts in the mind and body. We become more fluid, peaceful and accepting of whatever might be happening in our lives. As you stabilize the body, you grow steadier in the mind. You carry this stability with you throughout your day. And as you carry this renewed sense of clarity, you share it with those around you...just by being you. Fully you. Suitable and Recommended for all levels - This class focuses on balance, awareness and the six healthy movements of the spine to release neck and shoulder tension, to alleviate low back pain, to improve mobility and also to create stability in your core. As you gently flow and move with breath, the body and mind become calm and steady. As you learn to move with more ease, all your daily activities become more pleasurable.

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